To donate gently used instruments that are in working order please submit your information and description of your item.  We appreciate any gift and appreciate you for your generosity.  

We went from "Worst to First!" from 2012-2018 in UIL Competition under the direction of selfless leader Chris Evetts.  Chris grew our band from 29 members to a Championship crew of over 130 students! 

Many Many of our kids instruments are completely broken or patched together with duct tape! There are even children who march with frozen horns or with no instrument at all just to keep the line with their fellow bandmates.

This is one of the only chances that some of the kids will have a chance to get a scholarship to college or benefit from the experience of being part of a team. 

We appreciate anything that you may be able to contribute and shares are equally as valuable.

Thank you, 

Henda Salmeron 
Proud Wildcat Band Supporter Since 2012
Founder-Woodrow Wilson Band Annual Concert at the Granada
Cell 214-991-2237
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